Currently (March 2024) our membership for Scotland is at capacity and we have a waiting list.

To APPLY TO JOIN please complete this form and we will contact you.

BAWE membership criteria

Whilst BAWE Scotland is keen to expand membership we are governed by BAWE’s Code of Governance on membership criteria as follows. This is why membership is by invitation only to keep track of the balance of members and make networking and meetings relevant for our members.


80% of members are Entrepreneurs, business owners who employ staff directly or indirectly (engage in projects which contract out works to others), have their own money at risk in their business, and a turnover of over £100K and which have been operating for at least 3 years.

We welcome Charitable or 3rd sector Directors also as an Associate member which falls under the Entrepreneurs section. The percentages are roughly adhered to as the group grows in the UK but are placed on us by our FCEM membership, allowing us access to hundreds of international meetings and groups.

Corporate Directors

10% of members can be Corporate Directors from any organisation, with the exception of Government. This would be a woman who holds a paid position on the board of directors of a corporation. It as crucial that we work together in order to ensure the furtherance of women not only in developing their own companies but also to reach the top positions

New Starts

10 % of members can be New starts, business owners where their business is less than 3 years old but who can demonstrate the potential to grow and employ staff and have capital risk or shareholding.

Annual membership fee / Event costs

The annual membership fee is;
  • £170.00 for Entrepreneurs,
  • £275 for Corporate Directors and
  • £85 for Start-ups (in the first 3 years of incorporation). 3rd sector or Associate membership is the same level as Entrepreneur membership.

There are 4 networking dinners per year and cost varies – depending on the venue – between £60-£75

Unsure if it is right for you? Attend two BAWE meetings as a guest

You are most welcome to attend two BAWE meetings as a guest before joining as a member.

Due to the strict rules of criteria set by BAWE UK membership is subject to approval by the committee but should be straight forward if you fit our membership criteria above.

We look forward to welcoming you to BAWE. Please do not hesitate to contact us