Gleneagles visit BAWE Scotland

Members Gleneagles Hotel back of house tour and networking dinner

In January the members had a privileged tour of the back inner workings of Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire. Patricia Geddes was kind enough to give a full tour of the cellars, the kitchens and some of the larger suits of the hotel which has just been taken over by new owners. The new owners plan a complete refurb to more boutique style in keeping also with Scottish tradition.

The ladies were very taken with the suites and particularly keen for some reason on the cellars! Dinner is available in the cellars for those looking to spend over £100 per head for a special evening. There was also a bottle of Champagne given to the Hotel by President Bush during the G8 summit in 2008. Elaine was particularly concerned at why the Budweiser was under lock and key but not the more expensive alcohol which was amusing. Apparently down to easier to remove by staff than the more expensive lines. Our interior designer, Jane, was intrigued with the different layouts and furnishing of the bedrooms and I have to say I was particularly keen on the kitchen tour with all the food being prepared for the Strathearn Restaurant and the separate Andrew Fairley kitchens.

The suites were amazing and after a tour of the Spa we had a wonderful networking dinner talking business over a glass or two in a private area at Desio’s Restaurant. Everyone at the hotel was wonderful and we are already planning a return Spa trip for members in September.

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