Jane Moore shares her journey in journalism with London BAWE - by Arti Halai

Jane Moore shares her journey in journalism with London BAWE - by Arti Halai

Thank you to Arti Halai and her lovely post on the event. BAWE Scotland loves to hear from the group south of the Border.

it was a real treat to hear from journalist, panellist and anchor of ITV’s Loose Women show and columnist for The Sun, Jane Moore.

🌟 “You never forget your first story” - she said. (Igniting our CURIOUSITY)

Her’s was about a parrot that had gone missing. It soon found its way back home because it knew the name of its owner and address! (Adding the HUMOUR)

🌟 She landed her staff job, in the 1980s by being sent to Wimbledon. Not for the tennis but to interview Boris Becker’s girlfriend at the time. Jane found where she was staying and secured the interview by offering her a lift to the match, as the other reporters looked on! (PERSONAL STORY WITH THE UNEXPECTED)

🌟 Jane spoke about how the industry has changed…(INFORMATIVE AND CREDIBLE)

- how some people on terrestrial TV are too cautious to express their views due to regulatory bodies like Ofcom

- whilst everything and anything is said on social media platforms…extreme views where there is no watchdog‼️

🌟 She acknowledged the power of traditional and new media using her experiences and the stories she had covered over the years.

And there was so much more

It was pure gold dust 👏👏👏

Thanks to BAWE - British Association of Women Entrepreneurs for organising a lovely event at The Ivy Collection in Covent Garden.

So good to see familiar faces and make new friends too.

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