Glasgow Airport taking continues to grow thanks to Amanda's skills

BAWE members had a fantastic Christmas dinner with Amanda Macmillan of AGS Airports. Amanda gave us a very honest and interesting life story about how your success in life is down to your dedication to hard work and also “being in the right place at the right time”.

Everyone could relate to hearing about her hard working parents and coming from a relatively low income household where her brother was not interested in academic success but she was, all due to watching a TV serial with a successful Accountant as the main character! Despite this both siblings turned out having highly successful careers and Amanda counts herself as lucky to have had someone show an interest in her skills to “connect” people and resolve problems.

Amanda has been instrumental in turning around the success of Glasgow Airport and growing the retail shopping offering for travellers at the terminal. She continues to work with Glasgow City Council to act as an Ambassador for Glasgow to grow the tourist message of all that Glasgow has to offer as a destination and a gateway to Scotland.

Another wonderful Christmas evening and a fantastic overnight stay at 1 Devonshire for those who stayed on for breakfast the next morning. Thanks to Amanda for her time entertaining and educating the other female entrepreneurs. Our members were pleasantly surprised to hear Amanda sum up the evening with the comment “I could not be an Entrepreneur. I just would not be able to set up and run my own business. I’m a great “corporate” person.”

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