Gemma Levine in London

Gemma Levine in London

Nadin Dunnigan, Ann-Maree Morrison and Tanya Hine OBE attended the BAWE UK September meeting to hear from the amazing photographer, Gemma Levine. If you name anyone in the world who is in the limelight you can almost guarantee Gemma has photographed them, from Princess Diana to David Cameron.

Gemma gave an amazing story of how she came up with the idea of photographing every day nature in different ways and how this later grew to portrait photography. She pushed herself out there as she just wanted to take beautiful photographs and do something that she enjoyed to make money from.

Gemma is close friends with many celebrities. She has a long term health condition which makes standing for any length of time very difficult. Evern with this she is determined to keep working and has written a number of books.

Fantastic event and well worth the trip. Thanks to Gemma Levine for her autographed books on photography and for being such an amazing entrepreneur and photographer.

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