Carol Smillie, Ann-Maree Morrison and BAWE Scotland entrepreneurs

Christmas Celebration with Carol Smillie talking business growth and pants

At the Christmas meeting at 1 Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow, we had the pleasure of a great question and answer session with Carol Smillie or Carol Smillie gave a great talk on the trials and tribulations of being thrown into her fast growth business and dealing with mass production after a brain storm by herself and Annabel Croft during their vacation. The business continue to evolve with Diary Doll now finding incontenance is becoming a larger market for them than the original business idea of the monthly cycle market for teens and women.

Members and guests very much enjoyed hearing of her supply and packaging problems and how these were overcome and networking over dinner. Also the ins and outs of dealing with larger stores and mass delivery when a supplier goes under in the interim.

As our Christmas Celebration this was a great event and members appreciated Carol’s honesty and down to earth stories of the trials and tribulations of building her business. Everyone enjoyed chatting about their own business and growth ideas one to one with Carol over dinner. Many thanks to Carol for coming to join us. I’m sure she’ll be back!

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