Building partnerships in Edinburgh that benefit community and Environment

Building partnerships in Edinburgh that benefit community and Environment

Building partnerships in Edinburgh that benefit community and Environment

The Edinburgh Remakery, an award winning social enterprise based on Leith Walk, launched its free IT Disposal Service in 2019 in response to the growing need for affordable electronic waste diversion facilities for businesses across Edinburgh. As a social enterprise whose mission it is to reduce waste, and already with an established IT repair and refurbishment department, it made sense for the Edinburgh Remakery to take this next step to offer this free service to local businesses who were struggling to find a convenient and environmentally-friendly means to dispose of their old equipment.

This month the Edinburgh Remakery announced their new partnership with IlluminateTechnology, an Edinburgh-based IT Consultancy who specialise in creating IT solutions for SME’s that optimises their systems and keeps them safe, offering them and their clients an eco-friendly avenue for their old equipment, with free collection and disposal.

According to a report from the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy and the UN E-Waste Coalition released in January 2019, global e-waste could reach 120 million tonnes a year by 2050 if our current trajectory continues.

Currently only approximately 20% of all electronic waste is formally recycled, the remaining 80% being informally recycled – the majority of which is done in developing countries by hand, threatening the health of workers exposed to the harmful, carcinogenic substances they contain such as mercury and lead – or sent to landfill, where these toxic substances contaminate soil and waterways.

The partnership between the Edinburgh Remakery and IlluminateTechnology ensures that more of Edinburgh’s electronic waste is diverted from landfill, preventing these harmful chemicals from leaching into the environment and putting food and water sources at risk.

The equipment that is given to the Edinburgh Remakery will also be used to benefit the community through their #RemakeADifference projects. Donated equipment can be used to train young people in computer repair and refurbishment skills through the Edinburgh Remakery’s Internship Programme with Project SEARCH, and can also be gifted to disadvantaged communities throughout Edinburgh through its Laptops for Refugees scheme which they run in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council.

“We’re thrilled that Illuminate Technology have taken this next step towards sustainability and hope many more businesses will follow in their footsteps and do their bit to help tackle climate change. Partnerships like this are a win for the community and a win for the environment.”

– Stephanie Bowring, Marketing and Events Manager, Edinburgh Remakery

“We are often asked to remove old IT equipment which is end of life. Unfortunately, this is seldom something we can afford to do and it has been a huge frustration for us and our clients for many years. As an IT business we are keen to be part of the Circular Economy and have been looking for an ethical way to have a cradle to grave journey for the equipment we provide to clients. Our partnership with Edinburgh Remakery is going to allow us to provide this service whilst also ensuring that it is being reused or recycled.”

– Amanda Stewart, Managing Director, Illuminate Technology Ltd

Contact information: Midlothian Innovation Centre, Pentlandfield Business Park, Roslin, EH25 9RE

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